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The Donner Institute for Research into Religion and Culture is a private research institute connected to the Åbo Akademi University Foundation. We gather researchers, students and cultural agents and provide a meeting point for research on religion and culture in Finland and in the Nordic countries. We work to strengthen the visibility of research and create spaces where new knowledge can be born.

CfP: Religion and Spirituality as Sites of Learning, Turku, Finland, 15-17 May 2022

The conference Religion and Spirituality as Sites of Learning will take place on site in Åbo/Turku, Finland May 15-17, 2023....

Register for the ABOAGORA “Wind” Symposium by Aug. 17!

The art and academic event ABOAGORA “Wind” is just weeks away – Register by August 17th! This year, the ABOAGORA...

Nominate a candidate for the 2022 Donner Research Prize

The Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History hereby calls for nominations for its annual prize for outstanding...

Research & publications

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Approaching Religion Vol. 12/2: “Nordic Fundamentalism”

The current issue of Approaching Religion (Vol. 12, Issue 2) approaches the complex and much-debated concept of ‘fundamentalism’ from a variety of angles. The guest editors, Prof. Susanne Olsson of Stockholm University and Prof. Simon Sorgenfrei of Södertörn University, take their starting point in the insights gained from a research project on Wahhabi mission in Sweden, namely that a fundamentalist approach to sources and teaching in this movement may take form in expressions and practices that are not necessarily associated with ‘fundamentalist Islam.’ As a consequence, in this issue they ask: How might changing environments or circumstances influence fundamentalist interpretations...

The Study of Religion and Open Access-books

Today, more and more research literature, in the form of monographs and edited volumes, is published open access. This article...

Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter goes open access!

The Donner Institute is on the way with publishing Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter open access online. The book series Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter was...

Approaching Religion on religion and cultural change

A new issue of Approaching Religion has just been published. The issue is based on a summer school and conference...


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Religion and Spirituality as Sites of Learning

The conference Religion and Spirituality as Sites of Learning, organized by the Donner Institute and the LeNeRe-project (Learning from new religion and spirituality), will take place on site in Åbo/Turku, May 15-17, 2023.

Book of the month

The Cambridge History of Atheism edited by Stephen Bullivant and Michael Ruse. Cambridge University Press, 2021 Writing a history of atheism is not an easy...

Did you know that we have the Nordic region's largest special library on religion?

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Our donors Olly and Uno Donner were forerunners of their time.

The endowment made by Olly and Uno Donner in 1956 was one of the largest donations received by Åbo Akademi University to date. In addition to supporting research on religion and culture, the couple shared an interest in languages and anthroposophy.