The Donner Institute

The Donner Institute for Research into Religion and Culture is a private research institute connected to the Åbo Akademi University Foundation. We gather researchers, students and cultural agents and provide a meeting point for research on religion and culture in Finland and in the Nordic countries. We work to strengthen the visibility of research and create spaces where new knowledge can be born.

Holiday times at DI

On Friday, December 22, we close the library at 13.30. The Donner Institute is closed between Christmas and New Year....

DI’s scholarship application opens 9.1.2024

The Donner Institute announces scholarships for doctoral students to be applied for the year 2024. Also grants to cover research...

DI is closed 13.11

Monday 13.11 DI is closed. Books to the library can be returned to any Åbo Akademi University library.

Research & publications

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The new issue of Approaching Religion deals with religion, spirituality and appropriation

The new issue of Approaching Religion (Vol. 13/3) deals with a highly topical and debated issue in current research on religion and spirituality: appropriation. This thematic issue seeks to look at the topic from a broad and nuanced perspective, moving beyond the heated debates aimed at calling out’ different actors and actions as appropriation, or on the other hand to defend against such accusations. What different expressions of appro­priation appear in the field of and in relation to religion and spirituality? What discourses and discussions emerge around instances of reli­gious and spiritual appropriation? And how is appropriation understood, negotiated or...

The Donner Institute Research Prize to Helena Schmidt

The Donner Institute for Research in Religion and Culture in Turku has decided to award Dr.Phil. Helena Schmidt the institute’s...

New issue of Approaching Religion: Religious Heritage and Change in the North

The current issue of Approaching Religion (Vol. 13/2) is based on a conference arranged in Åbo/Turku, Finland, in November 2022,...

Approaching Religion 13/1 on death and funerals in the North

The new issue of Approaching Religion (Vol. 13/1 2023) is based on a roundtable seminar arranged in Åbo/Turku, in April...


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Book of the month

Neuloosi, Tiina Mahlamäki, 2023, Kustannus Into. Neuloosi – ”knitting addiction” – is an autobiographical and narrative non-fiction book on the many dimensions of knitting. The...

Did you know that we have the Nordic region's largest special library on religion?

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Our donors Olly and Uno Donner were forerunners of their time.

The endowment made by Olly and Uno Donner in 1956 was one of the largest donations received by Åbo Akademi University to date. In addition to supporting research on religion and culture, the couple shared an interest in languages and anthroposophy.