Approaching Religion on religion and hospitality

The latest issue of the Donner Institute e-journal Approaching Religion (Vol. 10/2) is based on an international symposium on hospitality and ethics from a feminist perspective that was organised in Åbo/Turku in early March 2020. The main organiser was the Nordic Summer University (NSU) with the Donner Institute and the Polin Institute as partners. Guest editors were the theologian Laura Hellsten from Åbo Akademi University and the philosopher Nicole des Bouvrie from the Netherlands.

With its 202 pages, the issue is the most comprehensive in the journal’s ten-year history and offers many interesting and thought-provoking reading experiences from theological, philosophical, historical, social science and cultural perspectives. Approaching Religion is published open access online and is freely available to anyone interested in its scope without fees for either authors or readers. AR publishes thematic issues on religion and worldviews in a broad sense and collaborates with guest editors from a broad scientific and international field.