Approaching Religion on the encounter between art and esoterism

The big questions concerning life and death have always fascinated artists. Art and the creation of art have offered ways to explore the meaning of life, the character of reality and the inevitableness of death. For many artists esoterism and forms of alternative spirituality have offered fruitful spaces to reflect on these questions and find personally meaningful answers.

The current issue of Approaching Religion (Vol. 11/1) is based on a two-day seminar arranged in Helsinki in August 2020 by the Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation under the title ‘Clear-sighted Art – Open Mind? Encounters between Art and Esotericism’. The seminar was arranged as a pendant to the art exhibition The Path to Hidden Knowledge that was open in the foundation’s museum, Villa Gyllenberg, from June to October. Nina Kokkinen has guest edited the issue.

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