The largest special library on religion in the Nordic countries

The Donner Library opened as long ago as 1957 and is today the largest specialist library on religion in the Nordic countries. The library is located in Humanisticum (The Dahlström Palace) at Biskopsgatan 13 in Turku, in the middle of the beautiful Åbo Akademi University campus. The library is open during weekdays between 12.00 and 15.00 (closed in July). Our primary customers are students and researchers of religion, but our library is also open to the general public.

Our collection comprises approximately 90 000 volumes pertaining to research on religion in a broad perspective. The central journals within the field are available in printed form in the library and we can help you to find your way among the e-publications as well.

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Book of the month

The Thing about Religion: An Introduction to the Material Study of Religion by David Morgan

What importance do things have in the academic study of religions? How can things act? How do religions happen materially? These are some of the questions David Morgan poses in this volume. The book brings the reader along on a theoretical reflection on the importance of the material and offers a many-faceted image of what the material study of religion may entail. The focus is not on methods, but the many case studies provide a broad view on a current research area. Morgan’s point is not that the material and things are the most important in the study of religions. However, if we do not consider the networks people, things, places and supernatural beings are apart of we miss essential parts of how religions are shaped by the material. We can also not grasp the role of embodiment and feelings. With its many examples and suggestions for further reading the book works well as a starting point for anyone with an interest in the material study of religion.