Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter goes open access!

The Donner Institute is on the way with publishing Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter open access online.

The book series Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter was published at the department the study of religions at Åbo Akademi University between 1983 and 2008. Some reprints have also been published later. Professor Nils G. Holm was the editor of the book series. The series was created to answer to a concrete need for course literature in the study of religions and related fields. Consequently, the series includes several volumes that have been used as course books in many universities in the Nordic countries, among them Religionspsykologins grunder, Judendomen i ljuset av dess högtider and Metodkompassen: kulturvetarens metodbok.

The series also included new research, among others master theses treating themes of interest for a broader public, project reports, monographs and edited volumes focusing on current topics in the research on religion. Many prominent Nordic scholars have published their work in the series and the series was for a long time an important forum for research on religion conducted in Swedish. The series also includes some volumes written in English and Finnish. 

Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter is no longer in print, but the interest for many parts of the series is still great. To provide access to the series to all interested readers, the Donner Institute together with Professor Emeritus Nils G. Holm, the study of religions at Åbo Akademi University and the authors have decided to digitize parts of the series and publish them open access in, a service provided by The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The Donner Institute is responsible for the digitized version of the series.

The first book is now online – Nils G. Holm’s Människans symboliska verklighetsbygge!

During the upcoming weeks we will publish fourteen more volumes in the series. You find the series on the Donner Institute’s page in If you cannot find the book in the series that you are looking for among the digitized volumes, contact us at the Donner Institute. We are happy to digitize other parts of the series as well.