The Donner Institute strives to be a focal point for research in religion and researchers interested in religion from a number of perspectives, both nationally and internationally. Through our library, our publications and events we also aim to serve as a meeting place for interdisciplinary conversations. In recent years, the conversation between the arts and sciences has become increasingly important in our work, as well as activities aimed at a wider audience than the strictly academic. Our network of cooperation and interaction is therefore of utmost importance for us as we strive to fulfil our task in the best possible way.

The Donner Institute is part of Åbo Akademi University Foundation (SÅA) and actively participates in the research and cultural activities undertaken by SÅA. Both the scholarly and the library activities at the institute are largely integrated with the research profile of Åbo Akademi University. These two are therefore our most important partners. In addition, the Donner Institute actively cooperates with the following research environments and projects:

  • The Centre of Excellence in research at Åbo Akademi University, Young Adults and Religion in a Global Perspective (YARG)
  • The Finnish Society for the Study or Religion (SUS)
  • Temenos: Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion
  • The arts and science event Aboagora – Between Arts and Sciences
  • The Argumenta project Vihan pitkät jäljet [The enduring traces of hate] at the University of Turku
  • The Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation
  • The Knowledge Laboratory AmosLAB

The Donner Institute is a member of the following scholarly umbrella organisations:

  • The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies
  • The Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing
  • The Finnish Research Library Association