The Donner Institute Research Scholarships have been awarded

The Donner Institute has awarded research scholarships for the year 2019. The scholarships are awarded to doctoral students, whose research pertains to religion in a broad sense and, in accordance with the will of the donors, priority is given to applicants from Åbo Akademi University and Uppsala University. This year, the institute received twenty applications from doctoral students in comparative religion, different fields of theology, health sciences and cultural studies from several Nordic universities. Among these, the board of the institute selected five grant recipients:

  • Karoliina Dahl, Comparative Religion, Åbo Akademi University (12 months)
  • Maximilian Broberg, Sociology of Religion, Uppsala University(6 months)
  • Ernils Larsson, History of Religions, Uppsala University (6 months)
  • Karen Swartz, Comparative Religion, Åbo Akademi University (6 months)
  • Laura Wickström, Comparative Religion, Åbo Akademi University (6 months)

The scholarship holders present themselves and their research here. During the year, they will also tell more about their research in blog posts here at the DI web and in the research portal