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Welcome to the symposium ”Approaching Esotericism and Mysticism” arranged by the Donner Institute and the research project Seekers of the New (University of Turku). The theme of the symposium is western esotericism and mysticism from a cultural-historical perspective.

The key note lectures and the paper sessions are open to all and free of charge. No registration is needed.

Keynote-lectures (Stora auditoriet, ASA-building, Fänriksgatan 3):

June 5 

Prof. Olav Hammer (University of Southern Denmark): “Esotericism and mysticism: two essentially contested concepts”

Dr. Per Faxneld (Stockholm University): “The death of the author and the birth of the Luciferian reader: Ur-images, postmodernity and semiotic self-apotheosis”

June 6 

Prof. Christine Ferguson (University of Stirling, UK): “Journoccultism: Newspaper scrying from Machen to Fort”

June 7

doc. Maarit Leskelä-Kärki (University of Turku): ”Ethics and esotericism”

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