Laddar Evenemang
Detta evenemang har redan ägt rum.

The conference Feminism and Hospitality: Religious and Critical Perspectives in dialogue with a Secular Age is arranged in cooperation with Nordic Summer Univeristy, FHPT/Åbo Akademi, The Donner Institute and The Polin Institute in Turku, 5–8th of March.

The keynote lectures are open to the public (no registration needed)

  • Thursday 5.3 at 17:00 Sibelius museum
    Terhi Utriainen – Professor of Study of Religion at the University of Turku: “What can the notion of ‘spirituality’ do to the categories of ‘religion’ and ‘secularity’?”
  • Friday 6.3 at 13:00 Helikon, Arken
    Angy Cohen is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Concordia University: “The reception of the other. Thoughts on hospitality, individualism and feminism through a Jewish lens.”
  • Saturday 7.3. at 11:00 Helikon, Arken
    Talvikki Ahonen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland’s School of Theology: “Encountering and recognizing the other within the Finnish church asylum movement” & Kaia S. Rønsdal is currently a post-doctoral fellow at The Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo: “Magnificent Encounters in Borderland, relates to explorations of the concept of hospitality, starting in Nordic borderlands. The lived practices in civil society is her primary interest.”

Warmly welcome!


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